Production: CultureBanx Quest Experience @ Met Gala
Date: May 2019
Runtime: 19m
Credited Roles: Production Coordinator, 2nd Camera Operator, lighting, stills, & grip.​​​​​​​
Written and directed by clients, produced by Volvox and JB-Motion

Production: COINCIDE
Date: 2017​​​​​​​
CR: Co-Director of Photography, 2nd Camera Operator, equipment/grip, lighting, sound, aerials, & pre/post production.
Written and directed by clients, produced by JB-Motion + crew
Production: Refugee - The Documentary
Date: April 2016
Runtime: 1h 26m
CR: Produced by JB-Motion & JAW Productions 

From the frontlines of a refugee crisis, get to the bottom of what's really going on while thousands of displaced families struggle to find new places to live. Join two Documentary Journalism students from New York City as they explore the streets of Amsterdam, Paris, Cologne, and Reykjavik trying to get to the bottom of the local situation. With people all over the world uninformed or simply choosing to not be involved, explore the current state of opinion, hearing both sides of the conflict and real reactions captured the day after a global attack on Belgium.
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